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It’s Spring – Vernal Equinox

As we know, feng shui uses nature as our model for living. In nature at this time of the year, the bear is waking up and coming out of it’s den. (It is probably a mess.) We, too, will emerge from a strange winter to a hopefully warm invigorating Spring when we want to leave the cozy den and venture outside. Before you go out and shift your focus, take an objective look around the house. See what Winter’s semi-hibernators may have left in your place. This is a good time to get your house in order so being outside is without guilt and coming in is a pleasure. If you need some motivation, the Clutter lecture is at the end of this e mail or skip that and just make a list of important projects, Spring cleaning and others, that you want to get out of the way before it warms up outside. It will warm up – Nature is in charge and will come to its senses soon.

What is your House theme?

Have you ever noticed that when you walk into someone else’s home for the first time you notice the same subject matter for pictures, the same love for wood, brass and glass or earthy objects keep showing up in each room? Maybe all the pictures and art work are of mountains near a lake. Perhaps there are many floral arrangements or other stand out repeating items. It is easier to spot these themes in unfamiliar places, rather than your own. At your house, these themes can creep in unnoticed, unconsciously.

In my case, it is bridges. To me bridges symbolize change, taking a chance, making an important decision and maybe procrastination. I remember my grandmother often saying, “We will cross that bridge when we come to it.”
Here are two of about a dozen bridges of semi- conscious collecting at my house: What do you collect? What theme is running through your home?

Elton John’s song about The Bridge

“I’ve seen the bridge and the bridge is long.
They built it high and they built it strong,
Strong enough to hold the weight of time;
long enough to leave some of us behind.
And everyone of us has to face the day,
do you cross the bridge or do you fade away?
And everyone that ever came to play
has to cross the bridge or fade away.
The bridge, it shines of cold hard iron saying
‘come risk it all or die trying.’ ”

Lao – Tzu “My words are very easy to understand.” Chapter 11

Thirty spokes converge at a single hub:
It is the vacancy that begets the vehicle’s usefulness.
Mix clay to make a vessel:
It is the vacancy that makes the vessel useful.
Cut out doors and windows to make a room:
It is the vacancy that constitutes the usefulness of the room.
Therefore, that which is there is an advantage,
But its vacancy is what is useful.

Lao- Tzu – The Tao , chapter 11



1st Full Moon
11th – Daylight Savings Time begins
17th – New Moon and Saint Patrick’s Day
20th – Vernal Equinox – Spring begins, YES!!
22nd – Mercury goes retrograde
31st – Full Moon and Passover


1st – Easter and April Fools’ Day
15th – New Moon and Mercury goes direct
17th – Tax Day
22nd – Earth Day
29th – Full Moon


13th – Mother’s Day
15th – New Moon
29th – Full Moon

View Spring Cleaning 101 for tips.

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