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Isn’t it great we can be outdoors these days enjoying all the five Chinese elements of nature?

Water – the lakes, rivers and hoses to keep our plants fed and growing
Wood – the plants, the trees, all the green, all the weeds
Fire – the backyard barbecues, the small fire pits that burn up the wood we grow
Earth – the ashes from the fire creates the dirt we dig in, also the rocks and boulders
Metal – the metal elements we find in the rocks and earth.
The metal goes back to the water – on a metal cup water will condense.

You recognized it – this is the creative cycle of the five elements so important in all feng shui considerations.

For three decades our newsletters have discussed Chinese meanings of various plants, Taoist, Zen gardens and feng shui enhancements for the outdoors. Most of these are available on website if you want to take another look.

This might be a good time to go beyond the physical elements and re-examine the powerful spiritual applications of feng shui while we are appreciating our summertime surroundings.