living room

A calligraphy screen on a metallic wall is the focal point for this peaceful living room.
The floor is natural bamboo which is environmentally conscious because bamboo takes only a few years to regenerate. The seating faces the main entrance.


a feng shui bedroomThis simple tatami bed frame with futon mattress is placed so the occupants can see the door but are not in direct line with it. Since this is a guest room, we did not consider the best direction for the people sleeping in the bed. Lucky bamboo plants, banana palm and water fountain enhance the energy and add the proper elements in the areas where they are needed. Crystal curtains are partially visible in the window. A watercolor entitled “The Lovers” enhances the partnership corner of the room. This is the quiet part of the room with a Zen like atmosphere.

sitting room

a feng shui sitting roomIn this sitting area a bay window is directly across from the doorway, we added the auspicious dragon Tibetan carpet to attract your attention before you are attracted to the window. If the blue green dragon doesn’t stop your eye, there are crystal curtains to do that. The crystals also create beautiful rainbows every morning to bring the full color spectrum into the room. The antique Chinese chest houses the audio system that played feng shui music to add calm to the atmosphere of this energetic room.


A balance of elements brings a harmonious feeling to this den. Plants in soil and water and cut flowers in the right color represent the wood element.
A red carpet and red blooms bring in the fire. Earthy color pillows and a square ottoman ground the scene. Symbolic protection with the temple lions at the door, a Buddha and the characters Fu, Lu, Su bring good luck and happiness to this home.

meditation area

 Zen sandbox and planter sandbox on rooftop meditation area.

 Mechanical devices can detract from the atmosphere of an otherwise pleasant rooftop or yard meditation area. Zen crate hides the device to enhance the small space available. The fourth side of the crate is used to cover the conduits and switch box.