Feng Shui Energy Movers

Bright or Light-refracting Objects

Make use of light, mirrors, and multi-faceted crystals. The brighter the light, the better — but avoid glaring light. Full spectrum, radiation-shielded light is best. Mirrors are considered the “aspirin cure” of feng shui. A properly placed mirror can solve many environmental problems. It can expand the horizon, give the impression of more space, and help you see what’s behind you. Multi-faceted crystals can energize dead space and dark corners. They create beautiful rainbows by reflecting in-coming sunlight, and they stimulate the sense of color in the home. They also disperse fast-moving energy (chi) in long hallways.


Brass bells, wind chimes, and electronic tones protect and create harmony. They elevate moods by stimulating the sense of sound. They can also act as a primitive burglar alarm. Use bamboo flutes to lift energy off oppressive overhead beams.

Living Objects

Live objects, such as plants, flowers and pets, have their own life force. Plants and flowers are healthy for the environment. They encourage growth and new opportunities, soften harsh angles, and fill in empty spaces. (Note that dead or dying plants are not good feng shui.) Fish bowls and aquariums bring a water view into a home or business. They evoke nourishing chi. Pets have energy and their own special chi.

Moving or Heavy Objects

Moving objects, such as mobiles and weather vanes, stimulate chi circulation. They deflect the force of long corridors. Heavy objects, like stones, statues, and yu pots, can stabilize an unsettling situation in a home or business.

Other Energy Movers

Sensory stimulators (colors, fragrances, touchable items)
Hydraulic power (fountains, waterfalls, windmills)
Representations of power (firecrackers, arrowheads)