Pam Tollefson has an impressive professional profile.

  • President of Feng Shui Design consulting in homes and businesses internationally since 1992
  • Feng shui pioneer in the Midwest based in the Chicago/Milwaukee area
  • Lecturer and speaker to groups and organizations. Will custom design a training program to fit your needs: architect, acupuncturist, builder, designer.
  • Interior designer specializing in window treatments, fabric, and furniture
  • Floral designer and landscaper
  • Graduate student of Grand Master Lin Yun in US and Taiwan
  • Traveler in Hong Kong, Bangkok, China, and Korea
  • Graduate of the American Feng Shui Institute training in classical compass methods
  • Metaphysician, designer, astrologer, holistic health and Reiki energy worker
  • Speaker at the First International Feng Shui Conference in San Diego, 1996
  • Guest on HGTV Kitchen Design and all major network television and radio programs in Milwaukee and Chicago. Advised Chicago Cubs on WGN Radio.
  • Subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles in Chicago/Milwaukee area
  • Contributing author to Contemporary Earth Design: A Feng Shui Anthology by Jami Lin

By necessity MY education was acquired elsewhere: from Coast to Coast and abroad. I’ve had the privilege of studying with the best teachers in the country and the world. I consult, teach and network with feng shui professionals everywhere. I would like to pass this knowledge on through this facility and introduce my colleagues’ work. I am committed to the ‘middle of the country’ as my destiny, my karma, and my feng shui.

Inner Quest interview of Pam by Jay Stone produced by The Infinity Foundation (video on YouTube).