Feng Shui Elements


color: all earth tones
shape: flat, square
location: center, NE, SW
life: health, knowledge, partnership
body: spleen, abdomen, stomach, hand
virtue: trust
energy: primal


color: green
shape: cylindrical
location: east
life: family & health
body: liver & feet
virtue: benevolence
energy: psychic


color: blues to black
shape: irregular
location: north
life: career & foundation
body: kidney & ears
virtue: wisdom
energy: creative


color: white, metallic
shape: dome, round
location: west & NW
life: children & creativity
body: lung & head
virtue: integrity
energy: physical


color: reds & purple
shape: pointed flame
location: south
life: fame & reputation
body: heart & eyes
virtue: humility
energy: directing

Elements Table and beginning of Feng Shui Elements series.