Q. What happens in a consultation?

A. We analyze and evaluate your space from a series of different perspectives. In addition to the compass position of the building, its entrances, position of room and furniture, windows, doorways access and color usage are analyzed for the purpose of adjusting the Chi and balancing the elements. Potential cures are discussed.

If you are choosing a lot or looking for a new home or are selecting floor plans and building, Feng Shui input can be an ongoing process at important steps.

Q. How long does a consultation take?

A. It depends on the complexity and square footage of the space and where you are in the process. Most existing homes take at least three hours to inspect and analyze. Businesses vary.

Q. What do I need to do to get ready for a consultation?

A. Provide, in advance, the birth dates, times, and places of all the family members or principals in the business. This information helps the feng shui practitioner determine the best directions for each individual and their element balance.

Pam does the Four Pillars Chinese astrological chart, as well as a Western astrological chart. She provides a computerized six month time line report for adults and a natal report for children. She looks at your Chinese charts to determine what elements you need around you in your home to balance your energies. She does your western chart so she can get to know you better, faster and get insight into what you like and dislike in your environment, and your personality in general. It is important to know the year the building was built or will be constructed.

Q. What area of business can feng shui help — especially in an office environment?

A. An office, including a home office, must have harmony and balance to achieve ultimate success. When a business is surrounded by obstructions, the resulting frustration, stress, and limited energy can drain profits. Feng Shui can improve teamwork, communication, productivity, conflict resolution, and create a successful unlimited business.

Q. If I were thinking about building a home or new business facility, would it be beneficial to first consult a feng shui practitioner?

A. Definitely. Feng shui can help you build a more successful building — a building that is more supportive for you and your family or employees. Exterior feng shui is critical to achieving harmony and balance of the elements. External land features — hills and river shapes, trees and landmarks — all contribute to determining the course of our lives. Not only will it be beneficial to consult a feng shui practitioner before construction, it would be even more helpful to have your architect and interior designer attend.