July Newsletter

My mentor Professor Lin Yun, the foremost authority in feng shui from the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist perspective, has been hospitalized recently several times. Please send him your best wishes, thoughts and prayers as he recovers. (If you have studied with, met or know Professor Lin from his visit to Chicago and didn’t get Crystal Chu’s e mail, I would be happy to forward it to you.) Professor Lin is our guiding light for all our transcendental cures and the source for using the power of our intention to enhance the feng shui cures in our homes. Please join me in wishing him a very speedy recovery.

July 11th – New Moon & Solar Eclipse (start a project)
July 25th – Full Moon (finish something)
August 9th – New Moon
August 20th – Mercury goes retrograde
August 24 – Full Moon

Summer is a great time of the year for feng shui. As discussed in prior newsletters, we can use it in our gardens. On a sunny day, we can clean out our houses, garages and basements easier now than any other time of the year. Summer represents the fire element, the color red, the triangle shape, the direction south and the fame section of the bagua,

  • Energizing the Chi by exposing items to the sunlight, getting things out in the open and airing out clothing, bedding, etc., are good practical things to do.
  • Clearing your multifaceted crystal balls by washing them in water and leaving them out in the sun for eight to twelve hours will give them new life.
  • Recall the purpose of these crystals. Remember why you put it where you did? Did you place it as a cure for a specific problem? (For example, secret arrows send energy too fast and a crystal slows it down. If the stairs is in direct line with the front door you need a crystal between the door and the stairs.)
  • Did you put the crystal to energize an area of the bagua? (For example, did you put it in your love or money corner? Those are the most popular places for crystals.)
  • Wherever the crystal goes, be sure to reinforce them with the Three Secrets when you place or hang them again.

Crystal light fixture Pacific Mall in Toronto, Canada

Hearts for love/relationships

Crystals with the colors of protection