Happy Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox

“The Goose Struts
The Cow Bows”

Professor Lin Yun says:” Despite his great size and huge contributions to the human workforce, the cow (Ox) forever bows his head low, doing what work is required, overcoming difficulties, forever modest and low key, never seeking credit or recognition for his efforts. The ox is much like a gentleman of great substance, one with rare talents who maintains a low profile and choose to remain outside of the public view , exemplifying the virtues of humility and sincerity. Whereas the goose,….. struts like he is the king of the universe ….thinking they are better than everyone else. So be like the Ox, says the Grandmaster, Professor Lin Yun not like the goose.”
Think back to 2009,That was the last time it was the year of the Ox. it started the financial recovery from the 2008l fiascos. Let’s see 2021 as a dramatic health improvement over last year.
There are twelve Chinese animals so they repeat every twelve years. Last time it was an earth OX, this year the Ox will be metal.
In the six harmonies – the rat is a best friend of the Ox so having or carrying a jade charm of the Rat brings the wearer good luck. I know, after a last year which was a Rat year, we don’t want to hang on to 2020 items but the Rat will be an exception. The rooster and snake can be used as good luck charms as well, if the Rat isn’t one of your best animals. All three Chinese animals – the Rat, Rooster and Snake animals should be having an auspicious year 2021. The temporary adjustments, metal in the SE especially and thoughtful rituals like the Golden Cicada and a positive attitude will help make 2021 the best it can be for all of us.

New Year Rituals – The Cicada sheds it skin
Professor Lin gave us this ritual to be done on Chinese New Year or your birthday for a fresh start or rebirth. Do it between 11 pm and 1 am. If you don’t have a copy of the ritual, as a client you may ask me for it. The idea is to put your energy into clearing out the past year’s difficulties to make yourself open, yet protected, for the new year. You can create your own ceremony because the more of your own energy you put out there, the better. The results are commensurate with the energy expended. Give it your all for a better year and new beginnings.This year we all are ready to do whatever we can to insure a better 2021. Recently many of our lives have been changed forever. We have lost, we have adapted, we have changed, we have survived.

Good Luck and Best Wishes for a great happy, healthy, successful Year of the Ox.