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Happy New Year 2014

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Prepare to Celebrate

A new year is a good time for a fresh start. In the West we call the efforts to improve New Year’s resolutions. In the East, more importance is placed on preparations and celebrations welcoming in the new energy. In this culture, your good or bad luck for the entire year depends on your clean house and appropriate celebrations.

Lunar Calendar
1st Happy New Year
New moon, the first of two in the same month
Start a new project and a new year
15th Full moon – finish a project
30th New moon – called a black moon, not a blue moon which is two FULL moons in a month
30/31st Happy Chinese New Year
6th Mercury goes retrograde until Feb 28th
14th Full moon Happy Valentine’s Day (happy 92nd birthday to my dad)


In feng shui we use nature as our model for living. Perhaps this is a good time to talk about balance, the middle path, how to avoid extremes? For example — how we like our surroundings not too cold or too hot?

In feng shui we want to work with our environment, conserve and blend with our surroundings harmoniously, not obliterate or battle the forces of nature. Perhaps this is a good time for a “go with the flow” discussion?* For example, do we stay inside or bundle up and carry on outside, if we can or if we absolutely need to?

In feng shui we strive to create supportive places in which to work and play. For example — we could get out the bagua and set some new goals for 2014.

* The last week of 2013 I fell on a small patch of ice and broke my right wrist (I’m left-handed). It’s healing quickly — a lucky break, but still a one handed typist so please look into the archives here if you want a review or pursue answers for above topics.

Numbers 2014

Chinese New Year is at the end of the month. It looks like a positive year for most. As we get used to writing 2014 instead of 2013, let’s look at the numbers. Right away we remember that the number 4 sounds like the word for death in Mandarin; however, few of us are speaking Mandarin fluently. Don’t worry. Instead, let’s turn to western numerology, another useful tool, and add up the numbers 2+0+1+4 = 7. Number 7 is the annual number for the year. A seven year is a more spiritual year than we have had lately. It shows more thoughtfulness, more tapping into our higher selves through reflection and intuition and general observation. We can enjoy alone time to communicate with our intuition and the intangible forces around us. Our awareness of our immediate surroundings is heightened and their effects on us is more noticeable.
This increased sensitivity to what is around us provides a good time to
look at our feng shui.

  1. Did you add new items- accessories, furniture. Did you paint or
    make any significant changes in your house in the past year?
    Make sure they are in balance with the original intention for the house. Do you have the proper elements – water,wood, fire earth and metal – where they should be according to the chart
    you got at your original consultation?
  2. Revisit each area of the bagua – relationships, wealth, career, family, fame, children, helpful people/safe travel, and knowledge.
    1. What area do you need to focus on this year? Add some enhancers like crystal or symbolic items to add energy and remind you of your goals.
    2. What area has the most clutter or disarray? Fix it. Before Chinese New Year major cleaning and home improvements are done to sweep out the old and make way for the new good luck energy of the new year.
  3. Are your annual cures for 2013 still in place? It’s time to remove them and get your updates for the coming year of the wooden horse. (if you are a client, email your request for it.) The new cures should be in place by February 4th, 2014. What this means is that you can move your metal cure, perhaps a clock with metal pendulum or second hand to a new location, etc.
  4. Many of you contact me about good days to do things – start businesses, grand openings, surgery, weddings. There are also good days for each animal sign to lay low. This happens every twelve days (since there are twelve animal signs)
    1. January 5th – horse
    2. 6th – sheep
    3. 7th – monkey
    4. 8th – rooster
    5. 9th dog
    6. 10th- pig
    7. 11th – rat
    8. 12th – ox
    9. 13th – tiger
    10. 14th- rabbit
    11. 15th – dragon
    12. 16th – snake
    13. 17th – horse – it starts over in the same order.

There are many tools to help us on our path of life. As a seeker, it is great to expose yourself to what’s out there. Some things resonate and others don’t. Once you are aware of the possibilities, when the time is right, they will be there. As The Course in Miracles tells us, there is no right or wrong way. There are many ways to the light. Trust your intuition to choose the ones that appeal to you. Handwriting, chiropractic, Reiki, holistic healing methods, astrology, tarot, runes, feng shui, Chinese astrology, acupuncture, Chinese medicine,herbs, palmistry, face reading, yoga, Chi kung, Tai Chi are a few.

As we know, the final outcome for each day depends on us and how we use the opportunities and challenges presented …..

The year of the wooden horse will soon be here… When it warms up, saddle up your favorite pony.

Happy 2014!

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