Feng Shui Design for Fall 2020

A new season is about to begin . We’ve been in our homes probably more than we have ever been in recent years. Prior to this year, you knew that your home’s feng shui is important. Now you have experienced it day after day first hand. We’ve been talking about the feng shui principles of how to make your home a supportive place. I won’t repeat them here. There are many past newsletters on any topic – clutter, furniture placement, etc., on my website. 

 I would like to introduce a related subject and another way that can help us as we face new challenges and the unknown . It is called The Course in Miracles. Many of you are aware of it, of how it works.

The events that happen in the world, while we don’t experience each of them physically, are affecting us. You don’t need to be in the fire or the flood or the war or feel the hunger of starving children directly, you are being influenced energetically. 

What can we do about this condition of the world? How can we deal with the divisiveness and unknowns that prevail?  

Some important Principles of the Course in Miracles:

  • Look at the world in the context of it being a whole entity. Each individual is one piece of a larger puzzle. One person alone is  a part of the whole. We all comprise the whole. We look at this whole, nothing is separate. If it hurts you, it hurts me and visa versa.
  • The idea of the individual ego and judgement are subdued with this idea of wholeness. Everything is a connected part of the whole.
  • Look at miracles as insights that can happen in “a holy instant.” Miracles do happen.
  • Perception can create reality.  If we fill ourselves with love and spirit, the fear, guilt, conflict, neediness and negative thinking cannot survive.. 

This simplistic explanation is my own interpretation of the highlights  of a very complex work that is very Taoist, Buddhist thinking set in Biblical Christian language. For me, it was difficult reading through this language to the basic meaning which transcends all religions. 

The basic idea embodies the “golden rule” . You are treating others as you would want to be treated  – they are you, one and the same.  

The thoughts you put out will manifest to some degree. Make sure they are good thoughts.

 Old habits sometimes call for saying “cancel, cancel what I just said.”  

 9 Feng Shui Tips for Health

  1. Think about how you can make your surroundings pleasing to all six senses — sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, and intuition.
  2. Use nature as a model by bringing the five natural elements of Chinese medicine — water, wood, fire, earth and metal — into your home to create balance and harmony.
  3. Place your bed, desk, and stove in a commanding position (catty-corner from the door) so that you don’t waste energy subconsciously preparing for an interruption from behind.
  4. Figure out your best direction — you can feel its support and positive influence. And spend time in your best direction whenever you can.
  5. Become an active participant in your health care, avoid helpless victim thinking of a disease or condition.
  6. Consider yoga, acupuncture, meditation, chi kung (breathing), and other thoughtful routines as ways to encourage and direct your body’s chi.
  7. Lay out bamboo flutes underneath your bed to be exactly under where you sleep. Make sure the holes in the flutes are facing up. 
  8. If you have inflammation or a back ache put a bowl of rice with chalk under the afflicted area under the bed. 
  9. Place a crystal in the center of your home and/or in the health and family area of the house (center left or the direction East).

9 + Follow all the guidelines out there to protect you from catching COVID. – wearing a mask, washing hands, etc. 



  2nd – Full moon

 7th – Labor Day

 9th – Mars goes retrograde – yes, another planet makes news appearing to go backwards for a couple of months. Basically Mare has more to do with physical energy, Mercury, with communication  allure.com has some tips on making the most of Mars – relax

12th – New moon

19 – Rosh Hashanah

28th Yom Kippur


 1st – Full moon

 3rd  – Sukkot

12th – Columbus Day

13th – Mercury retrograde begins

16th- New moon

31st – Full moon  – a Blue Moon meaning two full moons in one month

A rare happening – “once in a Blue Moon “ 

31st – Halloween ( A blue moon on Halloween happens only every 18 or 19 years


1st – Daylight SavingsTime ends

 3rd – Election Day – VOTE

Mercury retrograde ends

11th – Veteran’s Day

13th – Mars goes direct.

15th – New moon

26th – Thanksgiving Day

30th – Full moon and lunar eclipse


14th – New Moon and solar eclipse

25th – Christmas 

29th  – Full Moon

31st  – New Year’s Eve leading to a better, even great 2021 

put this idea out in meditation , prayer, thought, in any way you can. Visualize  your goals for a happy, HEALTHY 2021 united in peace and harmony, good feng shui for ourselves and our country, our universe. 

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