FS Design Winter News 2021 The Tao of Today

The Teachings of Taoism can help you Navigate your Life
*SIMPLICITY – get back to the basics, declutter your mind
*PATIENCE – wait for it
*COMPASSION – do for others as you would want them to do for you. Do it with empathy
*GOING WITH THE FLOW – Don’t fight it. Adjust to the situation(s).
*LETTING GO. “If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to.
*HARMONY getting along with, not fighting the forces of nature and your current conditions – working with others, finding your peace

Yes, it’s been a year, a year unlike any other in our lifetimes. Let’s not give the negative anymore energy, We don’t need to rehash the down side; you know it too well. The upside is that we have been stopped in our tracks and forced to find, evaluate and appreciate what’s really important in our lives:

1 Our relationships – when we have to be separate from our friends and family we see it is people that matter more than stuff.

2 Our health, sanitation demands claiming our own personal space.

3 Our homes – we don’t just sleep there, we can eat there, and work from there. Spending more time at home has caused us to repair, redecorate, rethink how our home supports us (feng shui) and improve it to make home the best it can be. Electricians, plumbers, tree trimmers have never been busier. Real estate is booming in the suburbs.

4 Our food – relearning how to cook, grow our own vegetables, appreciating our restaurants, farms and food sources

5 Our lifestyle – this interruption stops us in our tracks and gives us a new perspective, a new view of what we were doing with our lives. Are you anxious to get back to that exact rat race or do you want to keep some of the changes you were forced to make?

6 Our technology – during this pandemic shut down we learned to take advantage of what we can do “virtually”

7 Our parks and natural surroundings, outdoor places we can go have become meeting places. Appreciating nature, being outdoors is a good feng shui thing.

8 Our ancestors, not that many generations ago didn’t have cars or indoor plumbing or the technology we have now. We can appreciate and learn how to get back to the basics while appreciating the progress they made for us.

9 Our environment is benefitting from the lack of human activity. Air pollution and wear and tear on the planet is less.

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