Chinese New Year of the Ox – one month away

There is one month left before the Rat year is over and the year of the Ox begins.
The Ox is a strong, gentle hardworking animal who is dependable and undeterred in chaos.
We need this animal in our live soon.
Chinese New Year begins February 11th this year. It is always the first new moon after the sun sigh of Aquarius. This is an Asian holiday for visiting relatives, having fireworks and fun. Countries celebrating Chinese New Year take great interest in preparations for thistle week celebration. Everyone spends time not only cleaning the house but repairing, painting, redecorating. It is important that you sweep away any junk and bad energy from the current year so there is room for the good luck and blessings of the new year to enter in. Feng shui cures are changed. Doors may be sealed to keep negative energy out, if it is coming from a different direction.
There is still time to get your house ready to accept the new positive energy coming with the year of the Ox.
On my website you can find the Spring Cleaning and What is Clutter newsletter from years past.
Let’s visualize a healing, peaceful time for the rest of the Rat year.

Be well, Be safe,
Pam at Feng Shui Design

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