Feng Shui Design for Summer 2021 Release it – Let it go

Letting go of some material thing, a lifestyle, a person, an idea, or a home is often a difficult task.
In 2020 we had to make changes in our lives that we never expected to make.That was a process dealing with the unknown with an unpredictable outcome. Few, if any of us, had ever faced a pandemic before. It was scary not to know how to handle this situation. Some of us always like to be in control of our lives and our surroundings and we couldn’t be. Instant anxiety abounds. Trusting in science ,knowing that scientists had been researching, preparing antidotes to whatever maybe out there, was the answer. So far, Science came through .
Now that life is getting back to “normal” there will be change again. Our lifestyle we were used to can resume. Or can it?

The temporary changes we had to make weren’t all bad. Life took a time out for a very long meditation. We had time to think about situations we always took for granted. Where are we going? What is our extended path? Do we really want that? Does the status quo make us happy? Are we looking for something different? What is really important in the end? We faced possible death. We watched some loved ones, neighbors, acquaintances not survive. We miss them. This loss changed lives forever.
There were good changes, too. We became aware that we don’t have to have constant colds or transmittable diseases if we are more careful. There was a chance to spend more time at home, fix it up, make note of how our surroundings are working against us or for us (feng shui).
“I spent 2/3rds of my life acquiring stuff that doesn’t matter only to spend 1/3 of my life getting rid of it.
What a stupid game of consumerism we Americans play.” Linda Norman Stitchenoth

Perhaps Lao Tsu said it better: Mastery in life is based on the ability to let go. Whether he means get rid of your unnecessary stuff or if he means be ready to release your entire life and your body. Lao-Tsu’s wisdom is helping me to finally – after five + years – to decide to finally sell my parents’ long term lovely mid century modern home on Lake Winnebago. Fabulous feng shui to be sure. Can the wisdom you have gained in this slow-down (or from Lao-Tsu) help you make new choices?

Feng Shui House Representations
The front door – the mouth of Chi – where everything enters – your public persona and career
cure: Keep it free from obstruction, noticeable and inviting
Arguing doors – doors that hit each other when opened at the same time. This leads to family arguments
cure: Give the doors symbolic “eyes” red dots so they can see each other
Windows – the eyes of the house
cure: Keep them clean for clear vision
Basement – where the subconscious mind resides
cure: retreat there for new focus
Attic – where future possibilities begin
cure: keep it organized and uncluttered
Roof – the spine of the house and residents
cure: just keep it free from leaks and problems and back aches
Skylights – incisions to the spine
cure: best put in when the house is built
Secret arrows – doors or hallways that are long and straight – energy moves too quickly
cure: slow down the energy with wall art, crystals and hang down light fixtures


(May 26th Full Moon and Lunar eclipse
29th Mercury goes Retrograde )

June 10th New Moon and Solar Eclipse
20th Summer Solstice
Father’s Day
22nd Mercury goes Direct Yeah!
24th Full Moon

July 4th – Independence Day
9th – New Moon
23rd – Full Moon

August 4th New Moon
22nd Full Moon
September 6th New Moon
Rosh Hashanah
Labor Day
15th Yom Kippur
20th Full Moon
22nd Fall Equinox
27th Mercury goes retrograde ( yet again)

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