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A secondary entrance on a corner given prominence
with an arbor/pergola

As we know, the main entrance ( the door that was intended to be the public way for guests to get into the house) is considered to be the “mouth of chi”. It is how we let the energy in to our buildings, however it isn’t always the one we use in this day of attached garages. Still it is important that we open it occasionally and keep it unblocked on the inside and highly visible from the road so people can find us. This is good for careers. Rule #101 – never plant a tree in direct line of the front door.
The way we usually enter our houses on a daily basis is also important. Driving into the attach garage we want to feel glad to get home and not immediately be reminded of the trash or see “junk” that can end up tin the garage. Rule #102, keep your garage organized and welcoming.

Adding an arbor or other eye-catching planters or objects can bring good energy and enhancement to your home.

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