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From April 2012 newsletter, a decade ago
The Black Sect Tantric Buddhist method of feng shui brought to the United States by the late Grand Master Professor Lin Yun uses the power of our minds to overcome physical feng shui problems in our environments. Professor came to this country when feng shui was known to only a handful of Americans. All of us already had homes that had been built without knowledge of feng shui principles. There is a saying in Asia that “When the feng shui master comes, be prepared to move.” Only recommending moving wouldn’t have been the way to make feng shui a household word. Rather than that, Professor Lin has us make the existing house we are in the very best it can be. He taught us what the ideal was – the principles of feng shui and good design. Then, according to his Buddhist background, suggested that we could overcome the physical problems with transcendental “cures”. For example, instead of knocking down walls, he put a mirror there to open up a place and make the walls “disappear”. When the doors clash together (arguing doors) it contributes to family arguments. Instead of rehanging the doors, he suggested that we give the doors symbolic “eyes” so they can see each other and then visualize family harmony.

We have a wealth of “transcendental cures” for just about every building imperfection including stairs in line with the door, a tree in front of the front door, right angles jutting out into a room, “secret arrows”, walking into a “brick wall” – to name a few.

Once you know what to look for in good feng shui, hopefully next time you go out to find a place to live, you will find one without feng shui problems. Hopefully architects, home designers, builders and homeowners are designing better homes and even choose the building site according to feng shui principles. Still most feng shui consultations are done on existing homes and we run into physical problems that need to be acknowledged and solved without involving a moving van. We need to transcend the physical with the spiritual and a transcendental cure. Then the cure needs to be given its purpose and intention with The Three Secrets Reinforcements.

The Three Secrets Reinforcements is applied to all changes and instances. This is a way to put body (by doing a mudra – hand gesture) speech (by saying the Six True Words or a common prayer) and mind (by visualizing, meditating, praying or whatever you want to call asking for what it is that you want to have happen). By asking and putting yourself into the process, you are more likely to get the result you are after. After you hang a crystal or add a plant or make any feng shui change, do the empowerment of the Three Secrets. The Three Secrets Reinforcement makes the cure between ten to one hundred ten times more effective depending on your own powers of manifesting.

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