Preparing for Winter

Windows -Wash windows (the eyes of the house) so your vision and your view out the windows will be improved.

Garages -(often the first impression when entering the house)and basements ( your subconscious mind)
Take items into the basement or other places if they are in the way and won’t be used in winter

Attic -(your future possibilities) may be cold in the winter so deal with it now while you can. Put fans, summer items, etc., there now. Rearranging it may be an improvement beyond just winter storage

Squeaking exterior and interior doors need a drop of oil to keep them from irritating people as they enter.( If you consider this noise to let you know when someone enters the house , get a bell for the door knob so the sound will be pleasant..

Outside the front door (the mouth of Chi) – remove any dead flowers or plants while you can. Remember – dead stuff at the door is not good for the health of the eldest person in the house – much like dead trees in the front yard.

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