Symbolism and Elements

It’s been an unusual summer so far. The heat, the lack of water, fire burning up Canadian trees (wood) shows how important it is that the 5 Chinese elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal be in balance with each other.
Too much or too little of any one element (too much water = floods for example) can cause disaster.
Put these elements in the air /wind further upsets the balance =tornados and hurricanes, etc.

As we know, (and I know this is preaching to the choir) taking care of our earth has never been more important than it is today.
Of course Feng shui is based on putting dwellings and supportive structures for work and play and we want to do it in a harmonious way but in many cases, in many towns and countrysides human progress has come at the expense of our earth and it’s contents (metals) our forests (wood) our rivers and oceans (water). We need to encourage human beings to take better care of our land. Nature was here before us and will survive long after we have left this earth.

Symbolism in your house and/or yard

As we know, feng shui uses our surroundings to help us create positive energy in our homes and businesses.
The bagua places our life situations onto our house either by direction or by intention.

Direction Life Situation Intention area

North – career center front

NE – knowledge or self cultivation lower left

East – health and family. center left
SE – wealth back left
South – fame Center back
SW – partnership back right

West – children, inspiration center right
NW – helpful people, safe travel lower right

Some symbolic items to use to set intention in your place.
Every time you notice them, or not, you will be remind of your goals:
Actual money, foreign coins, etc. for your wealth corner
Picture of your partner or potential partner or co- workers
Crystal balls for creating rainbows and light in windows with direct sun (west, south, etc.zz
Sounds like wind chimes and bell at entry doors primitive burglar alarms.
Fu dogs will guard and protect your entries
Turtles are for longevity and good health
Affirmations or handwritten words or promises posted on your bathroom mirrors or desk will remind you of your goals.

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