Gratitude and letting Go

As we head out the door or open the door for a feast of graditude with those close to us
and maybe some visitors coming from a distance, the added energy to our table and our homes
or theirs can cause extra stress.
Relationship experts suggest that you avoid discussions about politics, religion, lifestyles, controversial subjects, etc.
Judgement and getting too vocal in others’ lives has no place in this celebration. Letting go of critical thoughts is wise.

Of course, as feng shui consultant and frequent quoter of Lao Tzu,I have to give the Taoist and Buddhist ideas on “letting go” = detachment.

“The essence of the Way is Detachment” Bodhidharma

According to Buddha: “The root of suffering is attachment”


Following the Laws of Detachment is best for us all, according to Taoism

The Laws of Detachment

1. Allow others to be who they are
2. Allow yourself to be who YOU are
3. Don’t force situations. Solutions will emerge
4. Uncertainty is reality. Embrace it.

If this talk of detachment is something you would like to detach from, it’s your choice,
I just put this out in another perspective, not meaning for it to be “religious”. That’s a no no subject for the Thanksgiving table.

These ideas of letting go are always present in our lives in some shape or form.
For example:

“When I find myself In times of trouble…..
Let it be
Whisper words of Wisdom Let it be, Let it be.”
– Paul McCartney

“Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go
Turn away and slam the door.………………
The cold never bothered me anyway.”
– Let it go – Elsa in Frozen

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