News for March 2011

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March 4th New Moon — start a new project
March 8th Mardi Gras
March 13th Daylight Savings Time begins
March 17th Saint Patrick’s Day
March 19th Full Moon — finish a project
March 20th Spring Equinox, Purim, International Astrology Day
March 30th Mercury goes retrograde

Feng shui and chain letters: As far as we know, the ancient Chinese feng shui masters didn’t have any access to mail delivery or e mail — a recent invention. Your luck will not change, for better or worse, if you don’t pass on an e mail hoax involving feng shui.

Feng Shui Tip: If you are looking for money luck, put nine Chinese coins or American money in a red envelope and place it in the upper left hand corner of your desk (the wealth corner). Envision wealth and abundance money coming to you. Empower it with the Three Secrets Reinforcement.

three faced stone sculpture

The three faces of FATHER TIME look to the past, the future and straight ahead to the present. Unfortunately and/or fortunately, we have only one face and can face only one direction at a time.

  • The past is over, learn from it, then let it go.
  • The future isn’t here yet; don’t try to live in it. It will be here soon enough.
  • The present time is NOW. This is where we are now. Can you feel it, touch it, taste it, smell it, look at it and make the most of it? Give today the positive energy it deserves. Enjoy living in current time.

clock face with Chinese characters

Feng Shui Practical Tip: Clocks & Calendars – It’s almost time to spring forward.

Feng Shui focuses on getting your environment to support your life. By creating a place that contributes, rather than detracts, from what you need to do at home and at work, you have more control in your life. You can have more input from your surroundings if your surroundings answer the general questions: What day is it? What time is it? Take a clue from any hospital room or institution. Today is Thursday, March 3rd is prominently displayed somewhere on a chalkboard on the wall. A clock is in direct view.

Now look at your house: Walk into any room and ask yourself “does this room tell me what I need to know?” When we are getting ready for work, one of the big questions is: How much time do you have before you have to get out the door?

  • In the bathroom: Can you see a clock where you are getting ready? This will help you decide how much time you have to spend on your hair and makeup.
  • In the kitchen: Are all your clocks (microwave, stove, other) working and at the same minute? Is there a family calendar somewhere so everyone’s events can be synchronized.
  • In the bedroom: can you see the clock from your bed but not have it any closer than 1-2 feet away (in case there is a luminous dial). My clock projects the time onto the ceiling so I don’t even have to lift my head to see it. If one has trouble getting out of bed, perhaps this is the room to set the clocks ten minutes ahead to be ahead of the day.
  • In the office: you may be relying on a computer clock or other digital clock but another metal clock might be helpful if you get stuck in procrastination. Remember that clocks with moving metal parts and/or pendulums helps you get unstuck and motivated. A wall calendar can also be helpful. Is the calendar set on the correct month? If not, you obviously aren’t using it so take it down and put a picture there instead.
  • In the den, family room or living room: Is there at least one clock you can glance at?
  • Yes, in today’s technology we really don’t need to wear watches to know what time it is, but still, it is always good to have a backup source of information.
  • PS. Don’t forget to change the car clock.

Remember, all we have is NOW so make it the best NOW it can be.

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