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14th Daylights Saving Time begins — to avoid confusion, change all clocks promptly
15th New Moon — start a new project
20th Vernal Equinox – Spring begins
29th Full Moon — finish a project
30th Passover


Feng Shui for the Garden 2010 — dates and times to be announced.

4th Easter
14th New Moon — start a new project
15 Tax day
18th Mercury goes retrograde until May 12th — be prepared for miscommunications, double check everything. Hold off on electronic and mechanical purchases.
22nd Earth Day — plant something
28th Full moon — finish something

FENG SHUI TIPS FOR SPRING: It’s time to reconnect with nature

It’s been a long winter. Many of you have been diligently working on your homes and feng shui cures and 2010 updates during this time when it has been too cold to be outside. Cabin Fever has been at an all time high this last week or so and it may get worse again before it gets better. It’s always darkest before the dawn — is the saying. Give yourself a break while we have some sunshine, take yourself out of current time — briefly and focus your attention on the good times soon to come. Prepare for Spring. Here are some things you can do to Think Spring

1. Go to an arboretum, flower show or garden center

2. Look at seed catalogs and make landscaping plans for your yard/window box/patio.

3. Root some cuttings from your indoor plants or just clean them up — remember we don’t want anything in a state of death or decay. Some indoor ivy and pathos are looking grim.

4. Dust or sponge off your silk plants.

5. Make or buy a bird house or wind chime for outside

6. Clean the inside windows so you can see out clearly. (Spring cleaning? — if you are in the mood.)

7. Remove any lingering plant debris and fix any problems at your entrances.

8. Check out your spring wardrobe. The birds are regaining their bright colors, you can, too.

9. Buy yourself some cut flowers — daffodils, tulips, etc..

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