Feng Shui and Lingering energies

I’m not making light of this but we need to keep this phenomenon in rational perspective. Yes, energies can remain in places. Those who weren’t ready to depart don’t. They hang around for a while. Sometimes we have to ask them to leave.


Traditional feng shui says, having a new place where no one has lived before is best. This is ideal – but very difficult to find new land, new homes or build new buildings. We have to deal with what’s available.

So Feng Shui considers the history of the house, workplaces, and land you build on.
In starting a feng shui consultation one of the first questions asked is about the history of this place.
The age and direction of the building
How many people. businesses have been here before you.
Were they happy, successful?
Why did they leave?

In feng shui,” ling” particles are lingering energies post -life and also pre- life -waiting- to- be- born particles/energy.
As you know, Chi is the term for alive energy. Ling would be pre- life and post- life that occasionally can be noticed by home/business owners or sensitives. Usually these energies are mild and we can deal with them in these rituals below:

Feng Shui Space Clearing Rituals- aka Ghost busting

In Black Sect feng shui, HH Grandmaster Lin Yun devised a way to deal with “predecessor energy”.
1. We do a ritual outside around the building called Feeding the Hungry Ghosts especially if there was bad luck or violence in the past.
There are 6 realms of cyclic existence in Buddhist thought and the recent predecessor energy needs to be acknowledged, fed, and told to let go, leave the building. This is freeing it up for the new owners. It’s an energy clearing process done with rice .

2. Sealing the Doors is an interior ritual used to send negative energy out of the doors and windows, fireplaces and drains. This also protect the place from unwanted energies, break ins, negative influences entering.

3. Tracing the Nine Stars meditation ritual programs positivity to designated spaces in a certain sequence.
This fills the empty space created after sending away undesirable energy.Nothing stays empty so why not fill it with what you want. – something positive? We meditate and program good energy we really want for our space, our family and/or work.

These rituals are part of the Transcendental Cures that we use in the spiritual side of feng shui to deal with the unseen energies. Our purpose is to make that house and/or business building to be the very best it can be to support your life and work there.
If a prospective client calls and says dark, terrible things are happening in the house, I recommend a Shaman, a Priest, or Rabi , but not me- not until after it is gone.