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Who says that meditation is only sitting in silence? There are several layers to or various degrees of mediation. When our busy schedules don’t permit taking a break to meditate deeply, perhaps our meditation can follow us on our mundane tasks. Even working in the yard, doing necessary things around the house can qualify as a time devoted to higher purpose. For example, when you water your plants, you can meditate. To take it a step further, water, in feng shui, represents wealth. You can see your actions with water as wealth accumulating. Our intention and deliberate focus can be a meditation.FOCUSING ON NOW – LIVE IN CURRENT TIME

The past is over. The future and what happens next isn’t here yet. Once you’ve done all you can to prepare for it, relax. Live in this Zen moment and enjoy the moment and what all our feng shui senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) are telling us about our surroundings. This helps us tap into our intuitive feelings. Who knows what great insights and ideas will follow.