Happy Chinese New Year of the Goat/Ram – Gong Hei Fat Choy

Sheep and goat

A better year starts today. The year of the Sheep (Ram) begins February 19, 2015 and ends February 8, 2016. Nothing stays the same. Change happens. So it is with the earth’s energies. The earth moves and energy shifts with it. We want to take advantage of the positive energy locations, correct imbalances and cure negative areas so our luck will be strong. In Asia feng shui masters change the location of elements in a building or room to balance the shift. Unlucky areas may be sealed off and others reopened with the area is desirable again. Weeks before the next year, furniture, plants & accessories are rearranged to accommodate the new energies for the year. In this country, feng shui is not generally done to this extent. However, many of you have finished all of your permanent adjustments that were recommended at your initial consultation and are ready to include temporary cures to take advantage of new opportunities Keep in mind the direction in the entire space first and then consider the direction in an individual room. Remember that the additional elements are small temporary additions in your total feng shui. Be sure to remove any 2014 cures as you add the new ones.

2015 Changes

  • include water in 4 of the 8 directions…. so get out those fountains and metal containers
  • 3 directions don’t have an element cure — instead watch your specific behavior when you are in that direction
  • construction and digging should be avoided in 3 directions and the earth shouldn’t be disturbed

Are your temporary cures for 2015 in place?
If you don’t have the specific cures yet, please ask for them in an e mail.

Carry a horse charm to enhance good luck this year.



3rd – Full Moon — finish that latest endeavor
5th – Solar year begins — have your 2015 cures in place
11th – Mercury goes direct — carry on.
14th – Valentines Day.heart Happy 93rd birthday, Dad
18th – New Moon in Aquarius, a new beginning,
19th – Chinese New Year of the Sheep/Ram begins


5th – Full Moon — finish something
8th – Daylight savings begins
17th – St Patrick’s Day
20th – Solar Eclipse, New Moon
     Vernal Equinox – Spring begins

Gong Hei Fat Choy

In China the first days of Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival are spent visiting relatives and feasting. Then visiting friends and acquaintances and exchanging good wishes. The children’s main task is to set off firecrackers.

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