January 2016

Macaque sitting on railing
Monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar patiently waiting for their year to arrive February 8th

Happy New Year. May 2016 be the best year ever for you and your family.

The Chinese New Year follows a different time frame. Instead of a specific date, like January 1st, Chinese New year and the changing of the animal sign is determined by the moon cycles. The first new moon during the sun sign of Aquarius (later January to mid February) is when the year changes and we celebrate the new year.. Just as there are twelve western zodiac signs, there are twelve animal signs in the Chinese zodiac. We have been in the year of the Ram (Sheep,Goat) and will move on to the Monkey soon. The personalities of the animals influence the mood of the year the animal represents. Monkeys are fun and mischievous so prepare for a fun year.

The tradition in Asia, especially China, is to prepare for the new year by cleaning house, fixing up your building, sweeping out any bad luck and make room for good luck to enter your clean house. Getting rid of or repairing any broken, less than optimum items in your home will get rid of bad luck (negative energy.) Negative and stagnant energy that has accumulated on the walls, closets, floors, in the air, needs to be cleared out for a better upcoming year. The window of opportunity for the good luck to enter starts a minute after midnight and goes on until midnight. There is still time to clean house and clear the clutter, bad luck (negative energy) so the good luck of the year of the Monkey will have a place to reside in your home.

Barbary Macaques

Rock of Gibraltar

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