Nine Practical Feng Shui Energy Checks for Winterizing your home

1. For a happy winter, plan ahead. Being inside more, you will want clean windows to see outside when you can’t go there. (The windows are the eyes of your home.)

2. Clean out the garage or at least move any items that may be in your way visually or physically getting in or out of your car on a cold winter’s day. Put snow shovels, etc., in easily accessible places.( First impressions set the tone for how you feel when you get home.)

3. Put away summer items to the basement or store in a remote place and fix or toss anything broken. (Be in current time)

4. Is the lightbulb in the garage door opener working? Bulbs tend to burn out when it gets cold.

5. Pull down the storm windows if you had them up this summer. However your windows work, make sure they are as sealed as they can be to keep the cold out of the house

6. Check for leaky areas under doors and try to insulate as best you can with rugs or door protectors. ( I just had more attic insulation, attic vents put in, foam seal around the parameter of the basement – Focus on Energy checked out the house and gave me a credit)

7. Check the lighting in the house. Good lighting, full spectrum light bulbs can be winter mood lifters for SAD’s condition and general well being.(good feng shui)

8. Before the snow flies, check the yard for items you don’t want frozen in the ground.(Remember you don’t want dead plants left in the entrance areas. That’s not good energy for the oldest person in the house.)

9. Give some attention to houseplants along with any holiday poinsettias, Christmas cactus.( Dead or dying plants lower the good chi of the room.)

Wishing you inspiration, good health, safety, success and happiness in 2022.
Pam Kai Tollefson

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