Happy Chinese New Year of the Water Tiger

“The Tiger roars, winds rise, all are pleased.”

The year of the WaterTiger begins February 1st, 2022 and ends January 22nd, 2023. Nothing stays the same. Change happens. So it is with the earth’s energies. The part
moves and energy shifts with it. We want to take advantage of the positive energy locations, correct imbalances and “cure” negative areas so our luck will be strong. In Asia feng shui masters change the location of elements in a building or room to balance the shift. Unlucky areas may be sealed off and others reopened with the area is desirable again. Weeks before the next year, furniture, plants and accessories are rearranged to accommodate the new energies for the year. In this country, feng shui is not generally done to this extent. However, many of you have finished all of your permanent adjustments that were recommended at your initial consultation and are ready to include temporary cures to take advantage of new opportunities.
2022 Changes
Keep in mind the direction in the entire space first and then consider the direction in an individual room. Remember that the additional elements below are small temporary additions in your total feng shui.
Be sure to remove or shift all 2021 temporary cures as you work on the new changes. You may notice that some cures are NOT changing all that much from last year.
This year all the flying stars go back to their original positions. This is a good time to review the flying star directions and elements. Once we embrace this 5 element concept, feng shui gets really easy.
If you recall: Flying Stars 101
North is a number 1 and the element that goes with it is water,
South is number 9 and is associated with the Fire element.
The earth elements are SW #2, Center #5 and NE #8
Metal elements are NW # 7 and West #6
Wood elements are East #3 and SE #4
When the energies go to their original space their energies are twice as strong.


February 2022
1 New Moon lunar Chinese New Year
3 Mercury goes Direct
14 Valentine Day
16 Full Moon

1 Mardi Gras
2 New Moon
13 Daylights Saving Time begins
18 Full Moon
20 International Astrology Day

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