Feng Shui Design News for Spring 2022

Spring Clearing of mind and space

For thirty years now, we’ve been doing the annual Spring Cleaning lectures.
Clutter the top topic for most of us dealing with our places. If you wish to review feng shui thoughts on clutter, etc., or look for inspiration
check old newsletter on www.fengshuitogo.com for feng shui tips on that and on spring gardening.

All we can add today is:
Make room for new thoughts, experiences, fresh energy
To enter as new opportunities when you are ready,
To expand, to think, to grow, to be

Top Ten Spring Picky Fixes
Starting at the ceiling level. Pick a room and clean it top to bottom
Assess your basement. (That’s your feng shui house’s subconscious mind.) Do you need everything thats down there? Clear it. Recycle
Check the pantry for expiration date items. An unopened bag of crackers from two years ago is probably stale.
Repot plants, dust off silks
Rotate the position of your large area rugs to help them wear evenly
Inventory the linen closet, repurpose, recycle, replace
Dig out an old craft, hobby or unfinished project to multitask with or do in your spare time
Tackle a “junk” drawer, we all have them, (sometimes there’s more than one)
Motivate your children to clean their bedrooms.
Rotate art work – many of us have artwork that isn’t hanging up and around. We’ve replaced it with something else. Bring it out for the memories, for a change of pace.


March 2022
2 New Moon
13 Daylight Saving Time begins
18 Full Moon
20 Spring Equinox &
International Astrology Day

1 New moon
2 Ramadan begins
15 Good Friday, Passover begins
16 Full Moon
17 Easter
22 Earth Day
30 New Moon Solar Eclipse. 10 Taurus

8 Mothers Day
10 Mercury Retrograde until June 3rd
16 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 25 Scorpio
30 New Moon, Memorial Day

3rd Mercury Direct
14 Full Moon, Flag Day
19th Fathers Day
21 Summer Solstice

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