Nature’s Elements in Harmony

The Five Elements of Feng Shui, Chinese Medicine
For a balanced, harmonious life.

As Spring arrives and we get back to nature outside it’s time to review
how basic elements of water, wood fire, earth and metal
work together to provide balance and
Harmony inside and outside your house.

As we know :
Water feeds wood ( water your plants)
Wood fuels fire (firewood)
Fire creates ashes or earth
Earth contains metal

We want these elements to exist in an harmonious creative way
Emulating a parent, child situation
For a peaceful, balanced life.
Water is the mother of wood
Wood is the child of water
Whenever an element is threatened we bring in the mother to add energy
Whenever an element is too strong, we bring in the child element to reduce it
(parents use up a lot of energy rearing their children)

For example:
We know that water puts out fire creating an energy drain and disharmony
So if the sink is directly across from the stove discord results

The cure is to put the element that takes away the water’s energy
That would be wood, the child of water.
Happily the wood that reduces the water also strengthens. the fire

In a kitchen we would then put a green rug or a plant or some representation
of wood between the sink and the stove.

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