Feng Shui Earth Disturbances

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Looking for Balance and Harmony
Just as earth disturbances such as forest fires, floods, earthquakes, tornados, etc.,
send vibrations well beyond a certain distance and affect the planet,
so does violence and suffering of our fellow man affect us all.
These are dark days for humanity, for all of us living on our earth home.

Robert Burns’ said ” Man’s inhumanity to man” exceed natures’ causes.

Those of us who believe that we are all part of the whole: If it happens to you, it happens to me.
I feel your pain and you feel mine. It’s more than empathy, its oneness with others. It’s compassion.
We feel the need to help. These atrocities are impossible to ignore.

The Dali Llama said:
“Our prime purpose in life is to help others”
The question Is How? Where is the path? Will it become clear?
Visualize peace, an end to violence .

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