Spring Cleaning and Space Clearing Rituals

photo: Do the toy cars still need to be there? (the boy grew up)

Smudging, sage burning, bell ringing are the spiritual ways.
Spring cleaning – dusting vacuuming, clutter removing are the mundane ways of making our homes more supportive and with a purpose.
Soon we can open the windows, let the fresh air in and best of all go outside, spend time there. But before we get too distracted, let’s clean house. For over thirty years, I’ve talked about spring cleanings and clutter clearing. You’ve heard it before. If you need a refresher, the newsletters are on my website: www.fengshuitogo.com

Let’s take it to the next level:
Updating or just changing out a few items around the house might inspire / support new thoughts and actions. Symbolic items representing new goals and interests, washing and reprogramming the crystal balls hanging in your window or in various bagua areas of your rooms can bring in new positive energy for your goals.

Removing obsolete or items not longer needed is important to do before adding new items.

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