Spring! Time to come out of the Cave

The Cave of the Mounds, Blue Mound, WI, is consistently 50 degrees
Touring this amazing cave brings up thoughts of the earth element and foundation

Landscape feng shui

As we know, feng shui started out as a way to pick an auspicious place to bury the ancestors so they would look favorably on their descendants and make their lives better. (Yin feng shui)

Yang feng shui for the living helped design homes placed in good surroundings that would support the house and the people who lived there.

Q: Where were we, as human beings, best supported by our surroundings?
A: When we were in the womb.

So choosing to put a house on the middle of a hill, not on top of it ( too much wind – feng) or at the bottom of a hill (too much water – shui ) is considered ideal.
Nestled into the landscape using nature as protection brings the most support for the house and its inhabitants.

In house placement, feng shui also points out that a house on stilts has a weak foundation that will not hold up. Feng shui concurs with a quote from the Bible:
” a wise man builds his house on a rock, a foolish man builds his house on the sand.”

Could we add: “but don’t build it over a cave.” ??

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