Preparing your place for the Dragon Lunar Year

With the Lunar New Year is less than a month away, it’s a good time to remind you, clients and students, that the temporary cures for the Year of the Dragon are available for the asking. Temporary cures ideally should be in place by February 4th, the Solar New Year day. Water cures in multiple areas is going to be tops.
During these days of sheltering from the Midwest snowstorms, it’s a good time to do as they do in China: prepare your home for the energy shift that happens. Do this to prepare for home parties, guests and travel to visit others during this two week interval of celebrations. Sweeping out the bad energy, making room for and inviting in the new is what we do.

This year we have not only a yearly energy shift but also a twenty year construction cycle shift. This period change is a big deal. There are nine periods of 20 years then rinse and repeat. The stars transition into a new energy, a new state of Ch’i. as a new set of influences come to the forefront. (There are numbers associated with each period. They correspond to the flying star elements and numbers.)

We leave the positive stable Earth energy, number 8/ NE, and enter the exciting 9 cycle of Fire /South. These characteristics of strong, active, competitive, chaotic energy show emotions as impulsive, creative, favorable to women (especially middle aged women or second daughter).

Aging buildings, like aging people, need to be revived, updated, energy charged and the chi rejuvenated from floor to ceiling . In this country we don’t rip off parts of the roof or dig up a third of the floor, but any updating, clutter/space clearing is a good alternative.

To encourage success and good luck in this next cycle.:
Consider making some noticeable changes like rearranging furniture if possible.
Be sure to check the front door area ( mouth of Chi) to be sure it is clear, clean and uncluttered. This is a career area..
Open up the doors, maybe even windows on Chinese New Year’s Eve to symbolically and practically let out the stale air and welcome the fresh energy and good luck of the coming year.
Do the “Golden Cicada sheds its skin” ritual.
The North and South will be the most auspicious areas of your house in Period 9 for the next twenty years. If your house sits or faces these directions ( S or N) adding a rock outside in these areas brings positive relationship energies.

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