This Upcoming Water Tiger Year 2022

Brave, rash, impetuous, the Asian zodiac Tiger is the embodiment of animal magnetism, stimulant to others and a born leader.Good salesmen, personnel management and uniformed careers, a Tiger is symbol of masculinity, virility, competitive and aggressive nature. Yet Tigers can be very warm and sincere.
The Tiger is so powerful in traditional Chinese (male) thinking ,it was considered a bad year to have a daughter. She would be very independent and willful. (Today most wouldn’t consider this a problem. In fact, it is desirable to be a Tiger Lady)

Some Famous Tigers

Queen Elizabeth II: born on April 21, 1926, a Fire Tiger
Marilyn Monroe born on June 1, 1926, a Fire Tiger
Tom Cruise: born on July 3, 1962, a Water Tiger
Rosy O’Donald born March 21, 1962 a Water Tiger
Leonardo DiCaprio: born on November 11, 1974, a Wood Tiger
Lady Gaga: born on March 28, 1986, a Fire Tiger
Megan Fox : born on May 16, 1986 – a Fire Tiger
Amanda Gorman born on March 7, 1998 an Earth Tiger

“The Tiger roars, winds rise, all are pleased.” Is an ancient saying Professor Lin quoted back in 2010 – the last year of the Tiger. While the Tiger year occurs every twelve years, the element that goes with it changes and repeats only every 60 years. 5 elements times 12 years equals 60. The Tiger is a land animal and this year he’s in the water element. Perhaps this will be a calming influence on the animal who is called “the king of the beasts” in Asia. Only one animal in the zodiac can rival the fierceness of the Tiger.‘One Ox can fight two Tigers”

In feng shui decorating, the Tiger image is not usually recommended unless the home dweller is a Tiger or if you also use a Dragon image for balance. Tai Chi Centers and other martial arts places are exceptions..

A Tiger year can be one of drama and dangerous change.This year, In the flying star system the stars return to their original positions in the home making the “good” stars very very good and the “not -so -good , you guessed it – horrid . The element cures are available for clients to make positive element corrections in each direction of your house. They need to be in place by February 5th.

There are rituals and ceremonies from Professor Lin -like the Golden Cicada sheds it Skin, Tracing the Nine Stars, Sealing the Doors you can do to bring in the positive energy and reduce negative energy at the new lunar year. You can make up your own ceremony, putting your own energy into it. Claiming a positive, healthy, successful year of the Tiger in advance can be an energy changing, energy charging, experience.

Lao Tzu has an appropriate saying for this year’s situation (of course) in Tao teh Ching:

“What may appear to be a calamity often gives rise to fortune”

Let’s go for the good fortune of health, happiness and success in life that will come from the year of the Water Tiger.