December Newsletter

Christmas cactus in bloom

December 2010

2nd – Hanukkah begins
5th – New Moon
11th – Mercury goes retrograde – double check all plans & appointments for the next 3 weeks
21st – Full Moon Eclipse & Winter Solstice
25th – Christmas
26th – Kwanzaa
30th – Mercury goes direct

January 2011

4th – New Moon – Solar Eclipse
19th – Full Moon

February 2011

3rd – New Moon & Chinese New Year – change your annual cures

If you would like to have your feng shui cures for the year of the Metal Rabbit, please ask for them in late December or January. Because there are Rabbits, 2011 will be a very important year for a lot more of you. There will be New Year prediction events for all twelve animal signs and general feng shui forecasts for 2011 in Milwaukee and Chicago. Locations to be announced. (Also you can book an event for your workplace or party.)

Decorating with Feng Shui for the Holidays

Decorating for the holidays can add wonderful energy with spiritual meaning and traditional reminders to our homes. The changes create a cheerful mood and can be very beneficial to our well being. Sometimes the decorations upset the element balance we have worked so hard to create with feng shui. This balance of the elements is the same 5 elements in nature and Chinese medicine that I’ve been familiarizing you with since your consultation and in our newsletter 5 element series . The sequence is water, wood, fire, earth and metal. If you consider that most of the Christmas decorations are red and green, you see the potential for fire (wood, Christmas tree, feeds fire, the lights, the candles). Hanukkah candles are also dangerous but the colors blue (water) & white (metal) control the fire a bit more. (Water puts out fire).


  • Bring out the feng shui cures to energize the house and create success in areas of your life that need some help – love, money, etc…
  • Give feng shui crystals as gifts & stocking stuffers Exclusives from Feng Shui Design


  1. Bright or Light- Refracting Objects: Lights* Mirrors* Crystals
    1. Lights – the brighter the better, but not glaring
    2. Mirrors – the “aspirin cure” of feng shui
      Den with mirrors

      A properly placed mirror solves many environmental defects:

      1. Expands your horizons – doubles your space
      2. Helps you see what is behind you
      3. Sends back negative energy
    3. Multifaceted Crystal
      Crystal Balls

      1. Energizes dead space and dark corners
      2. Disburses fast moving energy (chi) in long hallways
      3. Makes beautiful rainbows in sunlight/stimulates the sense of color
  2. Sounds- Brass Bells * Wind Chimes * Electronic tones
    1. Protect and create harmony
    2. Elevate moods: stimulate the sense of sound
    3. Acts as primitive burglar alarms
  3. Living Objects – Life Force* Plants* Fish bowls* Aquariums* Pets
    1. Plants and flowers
      1. Are healthy for the environment
      2. Encourage growth and new opportunity
      3. Soften harsh angles
      4. Fill in empty spaces
      5. NOTE: Beware – dead or dying “live plants are not good feng shui. If you don’t have luck with live plants, get a nice silk plant instead. Dried flowers were once alive but are now dead.
    2. Fish bowls/Aquariums
      1. Used when views of water are lacking
      2. To evoke nourishing and money-making ch’i (energy)
    3. Pets have energy and their own special ch’i
  4. Moving Objects – Mobiles*Weather Vanes
    1. Stimulate chi’ (energy) circulation
    2. Deflect the overbearing forces of roads and long corridors
  5. Heavy Objects – *Stone and *Statues *yu pots
    Can stabilize and unsettling situation (be it holding down a job or holding onto a spouse, etc.
  6. Hydraulic Power – *Fountains, *Waterfalls*Windmills or Representations of Power – *Firecrackers *Arrowheads, etc.
  7. Bamboo Flutes
    1. Lift energy off overhead oppressive beams
    2. Represent sound
  8. Color * Colorful and Decorative Objects
    1. Use the colors of the bagua for the meanings they represent – love relationship, career, knowledge, etc..
      Auspicious Stained Glass Bagua
    2. Use the elements in sequence for sense of order water, wood, fire, earth and metal
    3. Use color to stimulate the senses and vibrations
  9. Others
    1. Transcendental Cures
    2. Blessing
    3. Ceremonies
    4. Sensory stimulators
    5. Fragrances – incense
    6. Tactile – touchable items
    7. Chinese objects
    8. Beaded curtains
    9. Chinese coins
    10. Astrological animals
    11. Etc…..

Happy Holidays!!